Sixth Form prospectus design that helps students consider future pathways

12 November 2018

sixth form propectus design

Sixth Form prospectus design that asks students at Wrotham School in Kent to really think about what they want do in the future.

Who do you want to be?

Our headline asks an important question and was written with intent. It’s a headline typeset in extra bold to show its importance and designed to get students at Wrotham School really thinking about what they want to do in their futures.

Sixth Form prospectus design

Students’ thinking is encouraged with grids that showcase career options throughout the prospectus design. These prompt thought into the world of work and outline the pathways required for each outcome.

On brand design

The Sixth Form prospectus design for Wrotham School continues to help build the schools’ visual brand identity.

It features the schools bold use of orange combined with a strong typographic style used throughout the schools other marketing materials and signage.

Working within the education sector

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